Showcasing Australian wool

"It was the Fashion World's Most Exciting Event in 200 Years"

Chicago Sun Times

Sydney Bicentennial Wool Collection 1988
For the year of Australia's Bicentenary, the Australian Wool Corporation and the International Wool Secretariat contracted Spectak to devise and produce a fashion extravaganza to showcase the nation's famous ultrafine Merino wool. The Spectacular night's event was held at the Sydney Opera House where Princess Diana and Prince Charles were guests of honour. Ric Birch had asked nine of the world's greatest international fashion designers to create special collections that honoured the role of wool in haute couture. For the first time ever the designers agreed to present collections on the same runway: Donna Karan, Kenzo, Missoni, Versace, Oscar de la Renta, Montana, Bruce Oldfield, Sonia Rykiel and Jean Muir graced the night with their presence in a televised show beamed around the world.
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