Ric Birch

Spectak International

Unrivalled master of special events

.... and the history continues. After Sydney, Ric spent some time in the US with Rupert Murdoch and Fox Studios, working on numerous American Events.

Ric has now joined with the Filmmaster Group in Italy, combining their resources and experience to provide a new level of production excellence for their International clients. Offices are being opened in Dubai and Shanghai to extend the opportunities for major corporations, government agencies and city administrators to experience this world of legendary productions, conceived and delivered by this new and exciting partnership.

Allen & Unwin recently published “Master of the Ceremonies”, a behind the scenes account of many of Ric’s major productions and provides a rare glimpse into the world of major events and the people involved.

Ric travels between Italy, Beijing, Dubai, Shanghai, Qatar, USA, Europe, and the rest of the world. Where is home? Well there is a little bit of bushland outside Sydney that he wants to get back to. The only question is when?

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